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The Nearby News publications were started more than 14 years ago when people residing in the growing neighborhoods of the East Valley expressed the need for a local community publication. The idea for Nearby News was born.

Today, Nearby News serves a total of six communities in the East Valley and in North Scottsdale (see maps below). Each of these publications is circulated in its respective community by way primarily of direct mail to the homes. In addition to our direct-mail distribution, several thousand copies are placed at high-traffic locations throughout these thriving communities.

Our loyal readers have come to expect the variety and valuable information contained within the Nearby News pages. Whether it’s recognizing a face of a friend in one of our issues or scanning the area events for the month ahead, Nearby News publications have become an excellent community resource for those residing in the areas we serve.

Thank you for visiting our website, and remember we don’t just provide nearby news, we’re your neighbors too!

East Valley


North Scottsdale